How-Properly-Care-Dentures-Madison-Dental-Health-PartnersWearing dentures can look like a perfectly natural smile. The teeth look real enough to look like your very own, but they will only remain looking good with proper care. Taking care of dentures is very similar to taking care of natural teeth. The dentures must be brushed and cleaned between meals and handled with care. Below, let’s examine some basic pointers for making sure your dentures stay in good shape.

Brush Between Meals

It is important to make sure you brush your dentures between meals to remove any stray food or debris. When brushing your dentures do not use conventional toothpaste that one would use on teeth. Toothpastes can be too abrasive and can damage the dentures over time. You must also make sure that you use a toothbrush with softer bristles. If the bristles on the toothbrush are too stiff, it could damage the finish on the dentures. By careful removing food and debris regularly between meals you will ensure that tiny scratches don’t build up causing serious staining over time.

Regular Cleaning

When you are not going over your dentures with a quick brushing it is a good idea to give your dentures a good cleaning. You can use a mild dish soap or hand soap to clean dentures. Another good way to clean your dentures is with an ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner is a small bath that you let your dentures soak in. A sound wave is generated that travels through the water. This wave causes the dentures to vibrate which removes any of the small food or debris that may still be attached to the denture. It is important to note that while the ultrasonic cleaner does a great job of cleaning the denture it should not replace regular daily brushings.

When Not in Use

Taking care of your dentures when they are out of your mouth is just as important as when you are wearing them. Your dentures should always be put in a liquid denture cleaner solution to soak. This will prevent the dentures from drying out. Be cautious though if your dentures have metal components to them. If left in certain denture solutions the liquid can eventually damage the metal. Your dentist will be able to recommend the best way to store your dentures when they are not in use. Never place dentures in hot water. Using hot water can cause the dentures to distort and change their shape, which could mean that your dentures may not fit correctly any more. For cleaning solutions, look for the ADA (American Dental Association) stamp of approval for quality products that will help to protect your dentures for the long term.

If you have questions about dentures or need help with cleaning or maintaining your dentures the experts at Madison Dental Health can help. Visit our website to learn about what denture services we offer and how we can help. We always welcome new patients so call today to schedule your appointment.

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