Here at Madison Dental Health Partners we are proud to offer Hybridge® Dental Implants and advanced full-arch restorations to our patients. Hybridge® Dental Implants can replace one or multiple teeth, and are permanently fixed on 5-6 dental implants. Unlike partials or dentures, these implants also help in the preservation of you jawbone and facial appearance. Our specialized training allows us to customize treatment to our patients’ needs while providing the highest standard of dental care.

These specialty implants function much better than dentures and are made using advanced technology here in the United States. We strive to provide both functional and aesthetically pleasing results to our patients, and with Hybridge® Dental Implants you can eat and speak in a natural way without worrying about any slipping or sliding! These implants are easy to maintain and mimic the strong, stable bite of strong, healthy teeth. This cost-effective approach offers a permanent solution to missing teeth while giving you a full, comfortable, and radiant smile!


For more information about our Hybridge® Dental Implants or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (812) 265-5962
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